Lost Hiways - Rediscover America's Forgotten Places

Untether from your device and put the pedal to the metal along some of the county’s most scenic and interesting bygone byways.

Find nature, with all its splendor; its land stamped with concrete highways, its rivers spanned by Romanesque bridges and its mountains punched through with renowned tunnels.

All were blended together by the pioneer builders forming America’s ancient highways. Experience the history that shaped the Pacific Northwest Inland Empire Territories.

Preview local activities ranging from music festivals, art shows and craft exhibits or experience activities like motor rallies, mountain biking, river rafting, to bird watching.

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Family Group Picture
The four sister families in Wenatchee, WA, circa 1960.

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1967 R60
1967 R60 US Model BMW motorcycle with Earls forks. This bike was purchased in 1982 in Wenatchee, WA and ended up being sold in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2008. The bike was originally set up for a sidecar for warfare hence the Earls forks. There is an a...
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